Arshogin helps to relive the burning, bleeding, pain and Reduces hemorrhoidal mass and itching helps to get relief in external and internal hemorrhoid

Unani Patent Medicine
Composition : Each Tablet Contains

Kushta Abhrak(NFUM) (Biotite) 10 mg.
Tinkar Biryav (Sodi Biboras) 15 mg.
Kushta Khubsulhadeed (Ferrous Oxide) 15 mg.
Rasaunt (Berberis Aristata) 20 mg.
Sibr Zard (Aloe Barbedendis) 20 mg.
Halela Shiyah Khurd (Terminalia Chebula) 30 mg.
Teen-e-Rumi (Bole Rubra) 30 mg.
Magaj Nimboli (Azadirachta Indica) 60 mg.
Bakayan (Melia Azedarach) 60 mg.
Muqil (Guggul) (Commiphora Mukul) 60 mg.
Prepared in Decoction of:
Halela Sheyah (Terminalia Chebula) 20 mg.
Balela (Terminalia Bellirica) 20 mg.
Anwala (Emblica Officanalis) 20 mg.
Gul-e-Surkh (Rose Damascena) 20 mg.
Magh Khayarsambar (Cassia Fistula) 20 mg.
Post Reetha (Sapindus Mukorossi) 20 mg.
Excipient q.s.

MRP: 232.00
Presentation: Bottle of 60 Tablets

Relives burning, bleeding and pain
• Reduces hemorrhoidal mass and itching
• Exhibits wound-healing activity
• Prevents secondary infection
• Also exerts a laxative action
*Medical managenent of internal & external haemorrhoids
*Prevention of recurrence of piles following surgical removal
Contains : Triphla,Pippali,Guggul

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